Collection Management

An archive is a critical component to maintaining a collection’s care and value. Our service begins with the establishment of a detailed database of our clients’ acquisitions that will serve as a complete inventory to support all future activity of the collection.

  • Cataloguing includes comprehensive descriptions, all available original written or photographic documentation, provenance, exhibition history, literature references, comparables, condition reports, and color photography, plus details related to the location or movement of the artworks.
  • We handle all matters relating to authenticity, conservation and restoration, storage, shipping and installation, insurance, appraisals, damage and loss, liquidation, art as collateral, charitable contributions, legal support, and exhibition loan requests.
  • We work with a trusted network of shippers, art handlers, and other fine arts professionals to ensure the best possible care for our clients’ works.
  • Should a client wish to part with their collection in part or as a whole, we can oversee the resale process for them. Our longtime contacts in the private, museum, and auction worlds help realize the highest price possible.