Decorating Consultation

Our expertise is in our vision and what we offer is a true decorating service in the spirit of Madeleine Castaing and Rose Cumming. Our extensive research of exceptional interiors informs our process and elevates our clients’ aesthetic and lifestyle.

  • We are highly collaborative and available for everything from simply reupholstering a favorite chair to developing an entirely new scheme for our clients’ rooms. We provide guidance on palettes, finishes, artwork, and all furnishings.
  • We offer furniture and accessories sourcing from all corners of the world.
  • We advise on room layouts and how to make the most of any space. Our approach is inspired by our research on the world’s greatest designers, and we know how to interpret their legendary style through a contemporary lens.
  • While we may suggest major structural changes, we leave those specifications to professional architects—and we work with the very best.