Cedric Hartman

Born 1929 in Lincoln, Nebraska Cedric Hartman's began as an architect in the late 1940's until he was called away to serve in the Army during the Korean War. After the war, Hartman spent time in Chicago, soaking up the art, design and architectural inspirations of the city, then Paris, studying at the Sorbonne, and later moved to New York, before an illness in his family brought him back to Omaha.

Hartman started designing his first lamps in the early 1960s, striving to create a lamp that would provide sufficient lighting while not clashing or intruding on the beautiful design of a room. Hartman recognized the need for unimposing ambient light. At night, it serves its purpose. During the day, you appreciate it only if you notice it.

Mr. Hartman has managed a successful design career spanning over 60 years, resulting in lamps, fixtures, sofas and tables serving an exclusive clientele of architects, designers and shopkeepers. He lives in Omaha where his lamps are still where he maintains a private life while sharing light with the world.

Hartman's ultimate goal: see the light, not the source.