Pierre Bergian

Drawing Room of Jasper Conran II, Ven House, Somerset, England


Ven House—an early Georgian, manor house in Somerset—is remarkable for remaining relatively unscathed since being built in the 18th century, while other country houses of its caliber have been demolished or extended beyond recognition. According to historian Henry Avray Tipping, Ven House is on par with Chatsworth in “representing the ideal of a country house.” The iteration of Ven House seen here represents its time, between 2007 and 2015, when it was owned by Jasper Conran, the English designer and son of Sir Terence Conran and Shirley Conran. Inspired by Nancy Lancaster, Conran painted the drawing room butter yellow and filled it with antiques sourced with the help of dealer Edward Hurst, including two slightly different 18th century sofas– a perfect pair would have been too formal. The drawing room was featured on the cover of The World of Interiors in October 2011. The residence is now owned by Mike Fisher, founder of the architecture and interior design firm Studio Indigo, who has painted the room pink and hung the walls with contemporary art.

Height: 30 x Width: 28 cm