Pierre Bergian

Grand Salon of Donna Olimpia Torlonia, Palazzo Torlonia, Via della Conciliazione


In 1972, at age 41, Neapolitan couturier Federico Forquet shuttered his fashion house at the height of its fame; "the Italian Dior" had dressed the likes of Marella Agnelli, Diana Vreeland, and Sophia Loren in his signature palazzo pants and flowing gowns. He turned his exquisite eye to interiors, expanding the extraordinary aesthetic world he'd created by decorating homes (and designing gardens) for the same circle of Dolce-Vita jet-setters he'd dressed. Seen here is Palazzo Torlonia, a 16th-century Renaissance townhouse in Rome's Via della Conciliazione, home to Donna Olimpia Torlonia, daughter of Infanta Beatriz of Spain and the 5th Prince of Civitella-Cesi. The grand salon is quintessential Forquet, with its exuberant classicism, impeccably collected antiques, and elaborate ornamentation (fine Italian craftsmanship being the modus operandi). The tapestry is 17th century Dutch. Forquet, 90 years old and based out of his Tuscan farmhouse, still decorates today.

Height: 30 cm x Width: 28 cm