Pierre Bergian

Library of Pierre Le-Tan, Seventh Arrondissement, Paris


One of France's foremost illustrators, Pierre Le-Tan (1950–2019) was also a celebrated collector. His 1,650-square-foot apartment in Paris’s Seventh Arrondissement, the library of which is shown here, teemed with the troves of books, artwork, and furniture he acquired over five decades—from 16th century Persian textiles, Renaissance sculpture, and Japanese weapons to sketches by Giacometti and Warhol. Many of these treasures came up for auction in March 2021 at Sotheby's Paris. Le-Tan wrote of collecting, “The idea of speculation has never crossed my mind, nor that of ‘decoration.’ Collecting is both indispensable and perfectly useless to me.”

Height: 37 cm x Width: 33 cm