Janie Kruse Garnett

Pair of Harpoon Lobster Picks

For hors d’oeuvres, olives and oysters as well!

Coral and Coquille lobster harpoons with a barbed end. Had Leonardo da Vinci ventured into tabletop, we are sure he would have invented something along these lines. Whimsical, yet wildly efficient with a small barbed tip to enable easy removal of lobster meat, finally.

Please note that these are sold as a pair.

Solid sterling silver.

Hand wash only.

Made in NYC.


Janie Kruse Garnett

With a background in Art History and jewelry design, Janie Kruse Garnett's whimsical philosophy is rooted in classical architecture. From jewelry, she has expanded her offerings to include silk accessories, ceramic candles, and gorgeous-yet-functional tableware, all with her cheekily romantic trademark. Janie ethically creates pieces without sacrificing a refined aesthetic appeal.