Thomas Engelhart

Sainte Chapelle


Acrylic and shellac based inks on Ingres paper; book binding board
Stamped by artist on underside

A hand-constructed gothic spire created by two separate boxes. Both portions sit on individual plinths, and while the bottom has a flat lid for the second to rest on, the top box boasts a pentagonal spire which tapers to a point. The bodies of both boxes were first wrapped in a gray and black porphyry-inspired paper, and then articulated further through cut outs a two-toned pink porphyry-inspired paper. The spire feature of the box is wrapped in the same two-toned pink porphyry-inspired paper. The interior of both portions is painted gray.

Height: 24 x Width: 3.75 x Depth: 3.5 inches


Thomas Engelhart

Thomas Engelhart (American, 1972–) is an artist living and working in New York City. His boxes and objects are explorations of color, pattern and form. The papers are hand painted in studio before being applied to the hand constructed boxes. Each piece is truly unique.