Saturday, October 7 Cressida Bell Lamp Shade Painting Class

SOLD OUT. Spend the morning creating your own original lampshade inspired by Cressida's prints and the art of Bloomsbury. Working with Cressida's help, you will develop your understanding of pattern and color, learning how to use stencils and templates to create an original lampshade for your home.

You'll be provided with one lampshade, for use on a table or hanging lamp. Translucent paints will be provided, along with opaque black paint and gold pens. There will be a range of templates specially designed by Cressida which you will use as a basis for your design.

The day will start with a workshop introduction at 10:00 am with coffee, tea and pastries. You'll start by transferring your design onto the shade in pencil after which Cressida will show you how to mix your paint colors before you paint your shade. Paint brushes, paper, pencils, rubbers etc will all be provided but please bring an apron! We hope to finish by 1:00 pm.

Size is limited to 10 people. Price includes lampshade.