Edward Joseph Lowe

Set of Six Botanical Prints

Circa 1861

These colored engravings are from Edward Joseph Lowe's 1861 book "Beautiful Leaved Plants. Being a Description of the Most Beautiful Leaved Plants in Cultivation in This Country." They comprise: "Pteris Cretica Var. Also-Lineata; Euonymus Japonicus Aureus Variegatur & Maranta Micans; Tussilago Farfara Foliis-Variegatis; Pteris Argryea; Hoya Carnosa Variegata; and Croton Variegata. All attractively framed with hand-drawn French mats and white-painted wood frames. Edward Joseph Lowe (1825 – 1900) who was a renowned English botanist who published widely on meteorology, conchology, ferns, grasses and other plants. His great interest in ferns led to his studying them exhaustively which resulted in his most noted work of British and exotic ferns.

Framed: Height: 17.875 x Width: 16.375 x Depth: 1.175 inches Paper: Height: 10 x Width: 6.5 inches