Janie Kruse Garnett

The Lenormand Tower


The Tower signifies Authority, Solitude, Loneliness, Isolation, Aloofness, Ego, and Arrogance.

This series of original watercolors by Janie Kruse Garnett are inspired by the Lenormand fortune-telling deck of thirty-six cards. Originating in Europe more than two hundred years ago, they receive their name from Madame Marie Anne Lenormand, one of the most renowned psychics of the Napoleonic Era. Coco Chanel was one devotee of the cards and are still on display in her famed rue Cambron apartment.

Signed watercolor and ink on paper.

Framed: Height: 13.125 x Width: 11 x Depth: 0.75 inchesPaper: 8.5 x 6.5 inches


Janie Kruse Garnett

With a background in Art History and jewelry design, Janie Kruse Garnett's whimsical philosophy is rooted in classical architecture. From jewelry, she has expanded her offerings to include silk accessories, ceramic candles, and gorgeous-yet-functional tableware, all with her cheekily romantic trademark. Janie ethically creates pieces without sacrificing a refined aesthetic appeal.