Marc Armitano Domingo

Lampe de la Nuit with Insects

This porcelain candle holder has it all. The “Lampe de la Nuit” is a type of 18th century illumination device with an incredibly elegant and simple function. To operate the night light, you must first fill the vessel until the water just starts to fill the bowl a bit. Then you insert a standard tapered candlestick in the water, and as it burns, the candle eventually starts to float. Then, at the last second, the candle stump rolls over into the water and extinguishes itself (this feature is not guaranteed with every burn, so please do not leave any open flames unattended). The Lampe de la Nuit also catches wax drippings in the water, where it instantly hardens. During the floating portion of the burn, the flame sits closely to the porcelain bowl which acts as a reflector, making the light a bit brighter than a standard candleholder.

Height: 6 x Diameter: 3.875 inches