September 27, 2012

The Secret is out: Fabulous Dead People is back

One of my favorite reads by one of my favorite writers has found a new home. You can now find Christopher Petkanas' "Fabulous Dead People" online at W magazine. While clearly I resonate to Petkanas' (or better known as Monsieur du Panier by his intimates) subject, it is his fearlessness to tell the unvarnished truth like it T-I-is that is a rarity in these days of PR puff pieces.

Click here to read about his latest FDP, Hélène Rochas, the inspiration behind several of her husband Marcel's fragrances and a client of Mme Castaing incidentally. Then visit the Christie's sale happening right this minute to view the grand goût français contents of her rue Barbet de Jouy flat.

Rochas' dining room, with one of six trompe l'oeil panels of famille verte Chinese porcelain painted by Alexandre Serebriakoff, lot 20, visible.
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Saying Goodbye to one of the Finest Rooms in America

When asked to select my all-time favorite American interior, one room has always sprung to mind first and foremost: Mr. and Mrs. John Gutfreund’s “winter garden” sitting room at 834 Fifth Avenue. In this lush oasis of fresh lettuce greens and delicate pinks, the hustle bustle of New York’s concrete streets outside those silk -festooned windows melts away.