Éclipse de Soleil

MUR 101 002

Vertical Repeat:
70 cm

Available by 27.6 inch x 9.3 yard roll in a luxury non-woven matte finish (M1).

Florinda Sandri’s collection “Natural Passions” celebrates the wonders of the sun, the moon and earth beneath them. Featuring 4 awe-inspiring motifs in 24 colors and 2 scales, “Natural Passions” is an homage to the sublimity of nature and its proper elements. Colored with natural tones and vivid hues, this collection is the perfect pairing for any space.

"Solar Eclipse" is inspired by the luminosity of the sun and the comforting presence of the clouds. Featuring shining beige hues on a peeping yellow background, this pattern adds warmth to any space.