Lunar Aesthete

MUR 102 001

Vertical Repeat:
70 cm

Available by 27.6 inch x 9.3 yard roll in a luxury non-woven matte finish (M1).

Florinda Sandri’s collection “Natural Passions” celebrates the wonders of the sun, the moon and earth beneath them. Featuring 4 awe-inspiring motifs in 24 colors and 2 scales, “Natural Passions” is an homage to the sublimity of nature and its proper elements. Colored with natural tones and vivid hues, this collection is the perfect pairing for any space.

" Lunar Aesthete" is inspired by the waxing and waning of the lunar cycle. Featuring abstract brushstrokes in monochrome midnight blues on a starry beige background, it invites the romance of the moon into any space.