Rose Naissance 004

BNF 3001-004

Original Manufacturer:

Year of Creation:

Vertical Repeat:
63.6 cm

"Chloris created you, daughter of love and beauty. Your two brothers draped and perfumed you. It was then, Rose, that you were born and immediately crowned Queen of Flowers."

Available by 9.8 yard roll in a luxury matte finish or by the meter in vinyl linen or performance vinyl.

Founded in 2019, the French wallpaper brand Papier Francais is defined by the rediscovery, restoration, and revival of iconic wallpapers dating back to the French “Golden Age of wallpaper” of the 18th and 19th centuries. Papier Français’s inaugural N°1 collection emerged in partnership with the prestigious Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Papier Français selected 80 of the most acclaimed designs from the library’s archive – all of breathtakingly rich colors and intricate composition – to restore its document colorways in modern finishes. These historic designs have been digitally printed for modern day interiors.